Environmentally friendly printing


So what does being environmentally friendly actually mean?

To help preserve our planet, nature and the environment we have to be aware of how to save energy, use renewable energy, save water, use sustainable transportation, recycle, conserve, and be kind to the outdoors.

All these things mean we have to make choices that will help improve the environment which will therefore help the quality of life for not only ourselves but for entire communities and our future generations.

So being environmentally friendly means making choices that will have a positive effect on our planets present and future.


There are many different ways of being environmentally friendly that work towards a cleaner planet and brighter future for all of us.

It is important at Photoline that we successfully work to help the environment and create a better tomorrow for our planet.

There are many choices we make on a daily basis that make a huge difference to the environment.

Firstly, all the paper products we use are from environmentally certified sources, and are also able to be recycled or are biodegradable.

The very nature of our digital printing service also means that we can offer a small run printing service where we can print very small quantities of printed materials, without high set up charges. This means that our clients can order the minimum quantity of items they need -whether it’s just 1 or 99 - thereby reducing wastage of materials, energy and resources.

As well as recycling packaging and waste, we also endeavour to deliver on foot whenever possible and use electronic communication to reduce travel for external meetings.

Although we update our equipment regularly, it is never hastily thrown out; it’s important that it is assessed for repair or passed on to others instead of being disposed of, reducing unnecessary waste.

Printing involves using inks which can be harmful to the environment, which is why we make sure to use low impact inks where possible in our business. Used digital ink cartridges are sent to a specialist recycling company.

It’s the small things that go along way when choosing to help the environment. That’s why at Photoline we take care to be mindful of our choices in our day to day routines- turning off lights, re-using that plastic bag for something else, choosing to walk to meet that client...

All these little measures seem like nothing on their own but when you think about every person in the world making these choices, together the impact on the environment is huge.