PUR Binding & Presentation Boxes

PUR binding techniques get their name from the type of adhesive used in a softcover book binding method. Polyurethane reactive adhesives are used which are referred to as PUR glue. It’s the most durable bookbinding glue available and is, therefore, a popular choice in the binding industry to create a high-quality finish for a book or brochure.

The process involves using PUR glue to firmly bind the pages and cover together at the spine and trimming the other three sides of the pages and cover to give them clean, perfect edges. 

The PUR binding process is similar to creating a perfect bound book or brochure. The difference lies in the type of glue used. Whilst PUR uses a polyurethane reactive adhesive, traditional perfect binding uses ethylene vinyl acetate. PUR binding is around 2.5 times stronger than perfect binding and so is better for projects that have more pages or are using thicker paper as there is low risk of the glue cracking.

At Photoline we provide outstanding quality, PUR bound books and brochures with a quick turnaround that are ideal for showcasing all types of marketing materials, company information, tenders, and projects. Our PUR binding premium range also includes a custom presentation box to create that extra wow factor helping you to make a lasting impression on your clients.

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Perfect Bound Brochures 

We create perfect bound brochures and books using our high-speed, digital printers that create an outstanding finish in a short amount of time. Our PUR binding system and high-tech printing presses have a fast turnaround and produce outstanding quality with an integrated spine and high-grade cover.

We use Xerox environmental paperweights to print the inner pages and covers to a high standard which include recycled paper options. And if you’re looking for that extra bit of class, we can laminate the cover with either a gloss or matt seal.

Books and brochures can be printed in a range of sizes including A5, A4, and A3 in either portrait or landscape. If that doesn’t fit the bill, we can create custom sizes to your specifications. PUR binding works best when there’s a minimum of 30 pages in the document.

Our brochures are made to last and are the perfect way to create an impressive first impression.

PUR Binding For Businesses

A PUR-bound softcover book, brochure, or booklet creates a first-class impression and showcases your business to help it stand out from the crowd. The quality of materials and method used in this type of binding creates a durable product that lasts.

So, your client will be able to use your brochure or book time and time again without it losing its quality finish. 

There’s no limit to the type of brochure or book that businesses can create using the PUR binding method. This could include showcasing a new product or service, hard copies of policies for employees to use, or documenting the history of your business.

Custom Presentation Boxes

If you’re looking to create something that stands out and makes a lasting impression on your clients, presentation boxes are the perfect solution. We can create A4 landscape or portrait boxes to house your business brochure or coffee table books, which create a great first impression for your clients.

We can create boxes that are customised with your branding and graphics, using our high-tech, super-fast digital printers which provide outstanding quality every time.

The boxes are made from premium quality 2000 micron board with the option of a matt or gloss laminated seal finish and have a hinged wrap-around cover that forms the lid making them easy to use and durable.

Showcase Your Business With Custom Presentation Boxes

If you’ve created a book or brochure for your business that helps you to stand out from your competitors, showcasing it in a high-quality presentation box is the perfect finishing touch. This type of box is also a great marketing tool to help you build your reputation and clients, whether they are existing or prospective, the quality of service they can expect to receive from your business. 

If you’d like to find out about our full range and how our first-class team at Photoline can help you to create a brilliant impression with a quality PUR-bound book or brochure and custom presentation box, get in touch with us today.

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