Upload your files using our upload tool

This form allows you to send your files (up to 20 GB) directly to our production team. Please follow these instructions to enable us to process your order as quickly as possible.

1. Click Upload Your Files button below.
(Then if you are viewing this on your mobile, then click the continue to We button)

2. Use the Add Files button to locate the file you want to send us. Once selected the file will be shown on the form. To send multiple files simply follow the same process until all files are shown.

3. Complete your email address

4. Complete ALL the following information in the Messages box:
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5. Now click Transfer and the files will be uploaded to our servers.

6. You will receive a notification message by email that we have received your files.

7. We will contact you by phone or email if we have any queries with your order or files.


Upload tips

We accept most file types however we do prefer customers to send PDF files.

Always select ‘High Quality Print’ options or PDFX1: A format when making PDF files. If you need to send files with multiple components (InDesign / Quark / Illustrator) or a number of small files (JPEGS or DXG/DXF drawings) we prefer you use Winzip or Stuffit applications and upload these rather than the individual files.

To ensure maximum quality print possible, we also recommend that images are sent at 300dpi to a minimum of a quarter finished size and in proportion / scale.

Please read our artwork guide for more detailed advice and recommendations.