Hardback book & Presentation Box Printing

We are experienced hardback book and presentation box printers, providing incredible quality, super fast turnaround hardback books, ideal for high end presentation of company information, projects and photography. Our premium range also includes custom printed presentation boxes, ideal for housing your hardback books to ensure maximum presentation impact and protection for multiple paper types.


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Bespoke Hardcover Books

Presenting your work in bespoke hardcover books is a great way to professionally display your efforts, whether you’re a student putting the finishing touches to a project, or a business presenting your company information and require the utmost professionalism. 

Hardback books for presenting your work will not only elevate it, but will protect the inner pages, keep it looking professional for longer and enhance the overall look and feel. The Photoline bespoke hardback book printing service we offer can print your book in a range of styles and finishes, but never compromising on quality. 

Why Hardback Books Are A Great Tool For Businesses

When it comes to print materials for businesses, quality and durability are key. If your printed hardcover books are used on displays at trade events, as part of presentations, or are frequently handed out and handled by prospective customers, they need to retain the professional look and feel from when they are first printed.

Hardback books keep the characteristics that make them a valuable business printed asset much longer, ensuring the professional appearance lasts, the contents are protected from damage and wear and tear, and they will last longer through frequent uses reducing the costs needed to keep printing new materials. If you are using thick paper then a hardcover book will often provide adequate protection and a professional look, making an excellent business impression.

Bespoke Presentation Box Printing 

Presentation boxes are a great way to display your printed hardback books, and they provide a finishing touch to the presentation of your printed materials. Photoline can print any bespoke design for your presentation boxes using our digital print technology, and they come with a wrap around cover for added protection.

Why Do Businesses Use Custom Presentation Boxes?

Presentation boxes, or slipcases as they’re sometimes called, elevate the presentation of your printed hardback books and promotional material. They allow you to group certain ones together which can be handy for organisation and keeping relevant documentation together. 

Not only this but they look professional on any shelf or display, whether it be in meeting rooms or at events on business stands or conferences. Printed presentation boxes give you a chance to customise and add your branding colours or even a company logo as well as an added layer of protection keeping your work in excellent condition for much longer.