Poster Laminating & Encapsulating

Encapsulated Poster Printing

As part of our poster printing service, we provide a range of high quality, super-fast turnaround finishing services including poster encapsulation, where your posters or graphic prints are encased in a matt or gloss plastic coating, ensuring a wipe clean, waterproof and durable finish.

Laminated Poster Printing

We also provide a super fast laminated poster finishing service where your posters or graphic prints are laminated with a matt or gloss seal to protect them from fingerprints and lend a more durable and professional finish.

Encapsulation Vs Lamination

Lamination and Encapsulation are two incredibly similar processes. However, they do have different purposes. When we laminate your poster we use clear plastic that can be applied on one or both sides of the print. This will help protect it from fingerprints and damage. Encapsulation fully encases your print, with sealed edges.  It is more durable than lamination and is also fully waterproof.

Additional Info

Size options

We can laminate or encapsulate posters in a variety of custom or standard sizes from A4, A3, A2, A1 to A0 size.

Artwork guide

We want to provide you with the best possible print quality. To help us to do this, please follow the advice given in our artwork guide when preparing artwork for print.

Get your order same day and super fast!

Our outstanding quality poster encapsulating and laminating service uses high-speed technology to ensure the same day and super fast turnaround. If you have an urgent deadline please call our specialist team now on 0191 232 5454.