Mounted Posters - What's the printing process?

Here at Photoline, we specialise in all things print! With over 30 years of digital print expertise, you can trust us to deliver outstanding quality same day printing with super-fast solutions designed to help you and your company shine. One product which is becoming more popular than ever before is Mounted Posters. The reason for this is because the foam board is a durable, versatile, and inexpensive material for displaying images/ posters. Here is everything you need to know about Mounted Posters, especially if you end up using them in your next project… 


What exactly are Mounted Posters? 

Mounted Posters are a common display form that involves adhering an image or poster to a board with a foam core and a matte paper surface. Mounting photos or posters on foam core is an attractive way to complement an image without overwhelming it. There is also a huge benefit in using the foam boards as it is inexpensive, lightweight, and long-lasting when used for indoor displays. 


What are the Mounted Posters made up of?

Mounted Posters consists of a polystyrene clad centre layer sandwiched between two outer layers of white clay-coated, matte paper. The materials are sturdy and lightweight that is easy to cut, which makes it an exceptional choice for mounting photographic prints, posters and banners for promotional use. 


The materials we can print your boards on are as follows: 

  • Foam board – Foam board or foam core is a lightweight material most often used for presenting information or images in a contemporary way. Choose from 5mm or 10mm thicknesses.
  • Foamex – Foamex is a slightly flexible plastic board which allows excellent image reproduction and is ideal for a multitude of applications including point of sale, artwork display, outdoor signage and exhibition uses.
  • Corex – Corex is a lightweight, slightly corrugated board, ideal for temporary signage or short-term projects where economy is important.
  • Display card – Display cards are a medium weight 2mm smooth board, ideally suited for retail environments.

The Process of Mounting the Foamboard

After your poster or image has been printed on high-quality print paper, the board then needs to be trimmed so the artwork is flush to the edge of the board, and so that the edges are even on all sides. Using high tech, large format printing presses and HP UV stable inks we can create single-sided or double-sided high impact promotional or presentation material ideal for all kinds of events, exhibitions, presentations, retail and interior display purposes.


What are the advantages of Mounted Posters?

Mounting posters on foam core is a fast, cost-effective way to make an impression. We can print and mount your posters or graphics onto a range of different display boards to produce outstanding quality mounted posters or printed display boards. Because the material is ultra-lightweight, large images can be hung on walls or suspended from ceilings with ease. Its rigid design resists wear and tear, but its low price tag means that damaged or outdated artwork can be painlessly replaced.


How to order:


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