The advantages of professional digital printing for students

But what if you could save time and get an amazing professional finish to your project work, portfolio or dissertation?
Great news, you can!

Using digital printing you can really showcase your work so that it stands out as well as saving valuable time and energy trying to present your projects and dissertations in the most professional looking way. No more standing at the copier waiting for page after page to print, and no more worrying about meeting those all important deadlines.


Professional digital printing uses high speed, high tech printers which differs to traditional offset printing methods because it can produce very small runs (even just 1 offs) of either large or small format print runs with outstanding quality results.


• Super fast Turnaround
Digital printing offers very fast turnarounds at high quality, to help you meet your deadlines.

• Great Value For Money
Reduced labour and technical expenses means digital printing offers exceptional value for money.

• No Need to Bulk Buy
Digital print makes it possible to print just one item, so you can print exactly what you need, reducing your costs and helping protect the environment too!

• Create The Wow Factor
Professional printing and binding techniques can help your work stand out from the crowd eg using perfect bound brochures, booklets or hardback books to present your projects or documents.

• Expert Advice & Tips
Most digital print companies will help you with tips and advice to help save you money as well as how to improve your presentation- at Photoline we certainly do. So don’t be shy in asking for help if you need it!

• Student Discounts
Use your student NUS card to get 10% discount off your print prices and if you join our loyalty scheme you can get even more discounts!

• Huge Range of Print Options
Whether you’re a fashion student printing an a4 portfolio or an architecture or landscape student needing large format colour prints, digital printing and finishing can provide all the print options you need to help you complete your projects to the highest standards.

• Helping You Reach Higher Grades
University marking systems include presentation as a percentage of the overall grade, so making sure your projects are finished to the highest quality will help you reach your maximum potential.

• Impress future employees
Portfolios full of well presented work will help you stand out from the crowd and bag that dream job!

To summarise then, digital printing offers a boat load of advantages to students, whether you want a dissertation, assignment, portfolio, CV or pitch idea printing - it certainly provides that slick professional finish that will help showcase your work every time!